Korean ENHYPEN Fans Continue to Petition “Bite Me” Choreography While International Fans Are In Full Support

International fans are in full support of the group.

Earlier on May 24, 2023, it was reported that a select group of Korean ENHYPEN fans had sent protest trucks to the company building in order to protest against the paired choreography in “Bite Me.”

The perpetrator who causes fans to leave, Be.Lift Lab. Remove the choreography with the female dancers completely. Only put the seven members on stage.

— Truck

The choreography includes a part with female backup dancers interacting with each member.

In addition to the protest trucks, some Korean fans have also signed a boycott to demand “a swift edit of the choreography for ‘Bite Me’.” The boycott letter was signed by “Instiz ENGENES.” They have pointed out three main points.

  • Your company’s idea of a revolutionary performance that ‘has not been seen in the past 10 years’ has been used in the title song ‘Bite Me.’
  • What do you think about how the comeback showcase, which had always been filled with the fans’ cheers and screams, have now turned to sighs and despair during the ‘Bite Me’ performance at the showcase?
  • And so, we request that you totally remove the paired choreography in ‘Bite Me’ involving the female dancers.”



Petition by Korean ENGENES. | theqoo

The reasons stated by Korean ENGENEs include that the performance came too early in the group’s career and did not consider their image. They also claimed that it ruined the atmosphere during the comeback showcase, an indication that fans are not in support of it.

On the other hand, international ENGENES have been trying to show their full support for the comeback and the choreography. They have also sent their own LED trucks to the company building, praising the song and dance.

The truck contains messages such as “Cool choreography,” “Stream ‘Bite Me,’” as well as congratulating the group on their successful comeback.

Many international fans have shown their avid support for the group and the comeback in particular, even praising the choreography for truly embodying the sexy concept.

Make sure to stream and watch the music video for “Bite Me” below.

Source: theqoo