Korean EXO-L Reveals Her Love Of EXO Helped Her Ace Her College Entrance Test

One fortunate Korean EXO-L that, thanks to EXO, she was able to ace this year’s College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT).


According to the fan, she was solving problems for the mathematics section of the exam but was stuck on question 30.


In the end, she decided she was going to have to guess and picked the number 9, for the number of EXO members.


A few days later she received the test results and it turns out that answer to question 30 really was 9!


The fan was, naturally, very happy with the result and expressed that she was happy to believe that EXO helped her attend college.


As this fan’s tweet began going viral, a few other EXO-Ls who also wrote the CSAT reported that they also guessed the number 9 for that question because of EXO.


Apparently, question 30 on this year’s CSAT, was one of the hardest questions and was meant to check students’ ability to apply mathematical theories in advanced settings.


… But, for some, it appears it was really a test of how much they love EXO!

Source: Wikitree