Korean MAMAMOO Fans Protest One Of 2PM’s Songs — Claims The Title Is Stolen

Numerous MAMAMOO related hashtags are trending on Twitter.

2PM recently made their highly anticipated comeback with their studio album Must. And while the response has been almost entirely positive, there is one fanclub that is not thrilled with their comeback.

2PM | JYP Entertainment

MAMAMOO‘s Korean fans have begun to express their annoyance and frustrations with 2PM’s comeback. In particular, MooMoos (MAMAMOO fans) have started to protest one specific song on 2PM’s Must album. The 2PM track that has ruffled MooMoos’ feathers is titled “Hold You” in English. In Korean, the title is “놓지 않을게” or Nohchi Aneulge. This song was written and composed by Jun.K as a fan song to their Hottests (2PM fans.)

The reason why this particular song has angered MooMoos is due to the fact that the girl group has a song with the same Korean title. MAMAMOO’s “놓지 않을게” was released back in 2016, and it was also released as a thank you to their fans. However, MAMAMOO’s track is titled “I Love Too” in English, which serves as a differentiation between 2PM’s “Hold You.”


While there is a contrast between the two English titles, that wasn’t where MooMoos frustrations arose. MAMAMOO fans began to call out 2PM with their objections, as numerous different hashtags relating to MAMAMOO and their song started trending on Twitter. #놓지않을게 (I Love Too), #마마무_놓지않들게 (MAMAMOO_I Love Too) and #놓지않을게_우리꺼잖아 (I Love Too_it’s ours) have made their rounds throughout the Korean Twitter feed.

This particular fan asked for MAMAMOO’s label RBW to step in to take care of the situation.

This Korean MooMoo tweeted photos of MAMAMOO with their fans, who can be seen holding fan plaques that say “I Love Too,” while using all of the hashtags.

Another Korean MAMAMOO fan shared the importance of the 5 Korean words.

#놓지않을게 (I Love Too) these 5 words have made MAMAMOO and MooMoos cry. These 5 words have created a unity between us and these 5 words create a joyful culture.

— @mama_moowith/Twitter

Another Korean fan shared claims that if you do a Naver search of the song’s Korean title, the first thing you see is MAMAMOO’s song. This fan then expressed their frustration as they shared their belief that 2PM most likely saw the page.

If you search ‘놓지않을게’ on Naver, this is the first thing you see. There’s so way you didn’t see this while producing the song with that keyword?

— @wind_blows/Twitter

This Korean fan had no problem calling out 2PM for “throwing away their conscience.”

You knew it was our fan song and yet, you still made the song and argued that it was your fan song…? -_- I heard it was your first comeback in 5 years, but it seems that you guys threw away your conscience 5 years ago.

— @yong_is_love/Twitter

MooMoos even went as far as leaving the hashtags under 2PM’s comeback showcase for their Must album that they recently held on M2.

MAMAMOO related comments and hashtags under 2PM’s comeback showcase video | @M2/YouTube

And while this is not the first time that two idol groups shared the same song title, it seems the sentimental meaning behind MAMAMOO’s song caused a greater reaction than expected.

2PM’s label JYP Entertainment has not addressed the ongoing backlash the group has been receiving from MAMAMOO fans.

Source: WikiTree