South Korean Man Murders Girlfriend In Her Own House, While Her Mother Was Home

She had asked to break up.

A South Korean man in his 20s has been charged with murder. According to the news, he had killed her in her own bathroom, while her mother was present at home.

After police investigations, it was found that the girlfriend had asked to break up with him prior to the murder. On January 12, around 9.40pm KST, he had gone to look for her in her one room apartment in Cheonan city. Her mother had also arrived the day before to her daughter’s one room apartment and was staying with her temporarily.

Once the man had arrived, he suggested to his girlfriend that they talk things out in the toilet as her mother was present. He then locked the door and began slashing her midsection with a sharp object he purchased at the convenience store just before he came. This all happened within 10 minutes of his arrival at her place.

Hearing her daughter’s screams, the mother quickly knocked on the toilet door but the man pushed her aside and ran out. 119 was called quickly and she was sent to the hospital but unfortunately, she died during treatment.

The man was caught within 4 hours of the crime, hiding around the area. The couple had only been dating for a few months. He will be charged with murder.

Source: Seoul

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