Korean Media Outlet Exposes Chinese “Sajaegi” Factory

Proof of sajaegi factories has been uncovered.

A Korean media outlet EDAILY has unveiled the scene of a sajaegi factory. EDAILY confiscated multiple videos of the factory that was operating in China, which were filmed by the operator as proof to show to their clients. As a result, the names and song titles of artists that were using the service were all uncovered in the video as well.

The hundreds of mobile phones that were set up were using a customized, illegal app to stream music automatically. The customized app automatically ran the entire streaming process (artist title -> select song from list -> add to playlist -> play). Then it automatically changed to another ID and repeated the process over and over again. The broker that EDAILY met with explained that 200~300 mobile phones (or PCs) could control about 10,000 IDs.

“We are currently using an illegal application that is designed to control 30~50 IDs per mobile phone (or PC). We can control about 10,000 IDs with 200~300 devices.”

 Sajaegi Broker

Other videos showed a broker extracting IDs. The gauge of the illegal program on the screen showed that IDs began accumulating as the gauge went up.

The so-called factory also utilized PCs. Screenshots of a video of the brokers sitting in front of multiple monitor screens was revealed. The video showed brokers sitting in front of large-screen monitors focusing on their work and sometimes sharing opinions with each other.

The broker additionally revealed that there are currently 3~4 of these factories left in China and that others have been establishing factories in other countries due to the stricter regulations by the Chinese government.

“There are sajaegi factories in Dalian, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Dandong, China. I knew about 10 factories in China last year but now it’s been reduced to about 3~4. The Chinese government blocked the VPN (virtual private network) that bypasses firewalls and are monitoring illegal activity so I heard there have been new factories opening up in other countries.”

Sajaegi Broker

Source: Edaily