Korean Netizens React To LE SSERAFIM Sakura’s Advice To A Procrastinator

“I’ll work hard, Sakura stop hitting us with facts.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura released the first episode of her very first solo variety show on her YouTube channel, Fearless Kkura, a few months ago, and ever since the idol has been challenging herself. The concept of her show is to try new challenges every episode, with the latest being becoming a Radio DJ.

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Sakura decided to test herself with the help of SBS announcer, radio DJ, and sports commentator Bae Seong Jae.

During one of the sections of the test, Bae Seong Jae asked Sakura to read some of the stories the show’s staff members have gathered and offer her advice. This is something radio DJs are known for, as they often have specific sections in their shows where they give advice to listeners that have submitted any concerns about their lives.

“To become a radio DJ, what else do I need?” | Fearless Kkura/YouTube

After giving advice to a person who was worried about how they have to split the bill despite drinking less than their coworkers when they go out, Sakura read a concern submitted by an office worker who seems to struggle with procrastination. The person expressed concern that their procrastination has changed their life for the worst, making them create unhealthy habits such as having to work until late at night.

“Hello, I’m a super P office worker. I have life work that I can never finish. I postpone everything until the very last minute. We can go to work at any time we want. So I postpone work as much as I can and start working at night. Then I work until late at night half asleep. In the end, I stay up all night. That messes up my cycle. It’s unhealthy and stressful. But the thing is, I can’t change [it]. I want to be a deliberate person. Help me learn my lesson.”

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After reading the full story, Sakura immediately said that the answer is clear, the person “doesn’t want to change.” She explained that she thinks since the person is already used to this lifestyle, it must work for him, otherwise, he would change it on his own.

But the answer is clear. That’s his will to do that. This person doesn’t want to change. He has no will to change. He’s saying this, but… It works for him. if it’s so tiring he would’ve changed it on his own. But he’s not changing. Then he’s doing that because it works for him.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

She added that while the person is asking for help to change, he will continue to procrastinate no matter what she says, so any advice she can give him will be pointless.

It says ‘help me learn my lesson’ but no matter what we say, it’s pointless. He’ll change on his own.

— LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

| @39saku_chan/Instagram

Sakura’s advice caught the attention of Korean netizens — a post on the popular community site TheQoo garnered over 50,000 views and 500 comments. The commentators seemed to appreciate Sakura’s honest advice, many agreed with the LE SSERAFIM star saying people like the office worker need to change on their own. A few netizens even shared their own stories of being “lazy” and promised Sakura they will start working harder.

  • “She’s speaking facts.”
  • “I was lying down after work but I’ll go do the dishes now…I’ve become all fat.”
  • “This is straight facts…they’re doing that because it’s comfortable and easy…you will change if you’re pushed to the edge.”
  • “Wow..”
  • “This is the truth…no matter what they hear, those that don’t have the will to do it won’t do it..and those that do will do it on their own.”
  • “This is right…you have to change your lifestyle pattern but we don’t because it isn’t easy.”
  • “Man, that hurts…I’ll work hard Sakura stop hitting us with facts.”
  • “She knows exactly what she’s saying…we all don’t want to get out of our comfort zone and that’s why we become lazy.”

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