Here’s What Koreans Think Of EXO Chen’s Racist Livestream Incident

Here’s what Korean netizens have been saying about Chen’s remark.

EXO’s Chen has sparked controversy over a remark he made during a live broadcast, which disappointed of his many international fans.

EXO’s Chen Makes A Racist Remark During Live Broadcast


Since then, Korean netizens have been responding to his remark as well. Many were in unison with the international EXO-Ls, disappointed by Chen’s mistake.

  • “Looks like he should apologize fast”
  • “It’s the same as mocking our country’s Comfort Women”
  • “Wow…it was this bad? Other comments made it sound like it was no big deal so I thought people were exaggerating again but didn’t know it was like this. I’m shocked”
  • “This is really serious…”
  • “Stop making mistakes that you’ll regret. You guys are public figures, you need to think before you speak.”


On the other hand, other EXO fans have been shielding the star and trying to cover up his mistake.

  • “Why don’t you guys take some time to reflect on your own character and stop trolling on a celebrity”
  • “It’s easy to spark controversy if you just take a small clip of something”
  • “What’s the big deal”
  • “Watch the video till the end. They weren’t trying to mock anyone. Get over it already.”
  • “What kind of article is this? They’re taking a joke too seriously.”


EXO fans have been criticized by other netizens for these remarks as they claim that they are preventing the artists from learning from their mistakes.

  • “For real, EXO-Ls…no matter how much you love your singer, you have to point out things that are wrong for them to help them become better. If you keep shielding their wrongdoings, they don’t know what they did was wrong and don’t apologize…There’s a limit to shielding too, isn’t this too much? Every time an issue like this comes up, you guys come to their rescue. You guys will be criticized too if you keep this up.”
  • “This kind of attitude is why they call EXO-Ls an outcast fandom.”
  • “At first, I thought since Chen made a mistake, if he admits it and apologizes saying that he’ll be careful not to repeat it again, everything would be fine. But seeing EXO-L’s response, I’m thinking they seriously need to get rid of some of these fans…If a singer you like makes a mistake, you may not be able to say anything but you most definitely shouldn’t shield them. With fans telling them you didn’t do anything wrong it’s no big deal, how will they ever change.”


Some netizens have even brought up past mistakes made by EXO members in disappointment that they don’t seem to be improving.

  • “It’s really disgusting. It’s not even once or twice this has happened. I saw when your leader or whoever was being criticized by your international fans for saying that one of the other members had dark skin. They were sensitive to racism and skin color then too, but this time, the impact is no joke. Stop disgracing K-Pop, seriously.”
  • “January: depression February: phone number March: mental illness remark April: racist remark we look forward to the May issue too~
  • “Why do the fans like this group? Just because they’re cute? They’re not improving at allㅜㅜ”
Source: Segye Ilbo, Pann Nate and Naver