Korean Medical Doctor Disses Feminists In BLACKPINK’s “Defense”

He expressed his controversial view on BLACKPINK’s nurse outfit controversy.

On a recent episode of TV Joseon‘s Kingsman, Seo Min, a medical doctor, and columnist engaged in a discussion regarding gender conflicts in the nation.

Ahead of the debate, Seo Min declared that he stopped being a feminist recently and expressed his controversial opinion of what the majority of feminists are out to do in Korea.

I recently declared that I’m no longer a feminist. I began to think that the feminists of our country actually have no interest in the lives of women, and simply want to gain power to fuel their own personal interests.

— Seo Min

He then went on to use BLACKPINK‘s recent controversy as an example.


Back in October, YG Entertainment was criticized for dressing Jennie in a nurse’s outfit for “Lovesick Girls” that the Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea claimed sexually objectified women.

In response, YG Entertainment released a formal apology and took down the scenes from the music video.


But in Seo Min’s opinion, the controversy was highly irrelevant to the real issues.

Recently, BLACKPINK got into a controversy for sexually objectifying nurses in their music video. If you look at it, it’s not even an important portion of the music video. But YG Entertainment ended up apologizing and taking it down. I’m not sure if that had anything to do with helping women live better lives.

— Seo Min

While many are divided on this matter, Seo Min didn’t hesitate to express his opinion on the viral controversy.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight