[★BREAKING] Korean rapper suffers devastating car crash during racing event

On the afternoon of April 12th, rapper/producer Kim Jin Pyo was involved in a horrifying accident during a racing event.

Kim Jin Pyo, better known to international fans as the MC of Show Me The Money 3, participated in a racing tournament that was aired on XTM Super Race Championship, “SUPER 6000.”

During the event, his car became airborne and turned several times before landing upside down. The entire accident was shown live on camera and viewers were extremely concerned for his health. He was not able to escape the vehicle for 10 minutes after the accident but did not suffer from fatal injuries.

A personnel from XTM told OSEN“The race car was specially made for races and Kim Jin Pyo was most likely not in great danger. We plan to contact related personnel in order to find out exactly what happened.”

Two days before the racing event took place, he posted a picture with his racing stock car saying, “The first practice of 2015. Ughh. This event is giving me so many thoughts. It won’t be easy but I’ll do my best to make sure my team wins.”


Source: OSEN