Korean Scientists May Have Possibly Discovered Breakthrough For Baldness

Hair loss has been a problem for people all over the world, and Korean scientists made a breakthrough in the hair-loss prevention research.

Choi Kang Yeol and his research team at Yonsei University discovered a protein that stops hair growth in male adults.

He explained that this protein called CXXC5 will be the key player in developing prevention plans for hair loss.

Once this protein is prevented from acting on the hair regeneration pathway, people won’t suffer from hair loss anymore!

And his team developed a biochemical medicine that successfully acts against this protein, and it’s set to be available for mass consumers soon.

The medicine is called PTD-DBM, and when applied to the balding area, studies have shown significant hair growth in its experiments.

Researchers are studying various cases to see which combinations of medicines would best ensure regrowth of hair and prevent baldness.

Dr. Choi believes this medicine will be able to farther assist in curing other illnesses as well.

“This research has developed a new material that promotes hair regeneration by identifying and controlling proteins involved in hair regulation.

It’s not only intended for hair loss treatment, but also to treatment of damaged skin tissue and atopy in the future.”

— Choi Kang Yeol

Thanks to Choi Kang Yeol and his team of scientific research, worries over hair loss will be a thing of the past!

Source: Chosun