Korean university student holds “Free Hugs” campaign in Kyoto, Japan

A Korean university student has attracted hot attention after a video of her undergoing a “Free Hugs” campaign in Japan was uploaded on the internet.

Posted by YouTube and Japanese traveler Koichi Kuwabara on November 12th, he shares university student Yoon Su Yeon‘s bold campaign, created to help ease the tension between Korea and Japan and help spread the love.

Wearing the traditional Korean dress, a hanbok, she identifies herself as Korean in her sign which read, “I am Korean. Could we share a hug?”

First heading into the heart of Kyoto, the video reveals that Yoon Su Yeon was mostly ignored with no one approaching her for a hug. However, in a different location, the shopping district at Shinkyogoku, Japanese citizens were finally seen approaching her with a smile, commenting, “We love Korea.”

More and more citizens begin to approach her, including students who exclaimed, “I like Korea.” A woman wearing the Japanese traditional dress, a kimono, was even spotted giving the Korean student a heartwarming hug.

This is not the first “Free Hugs” event captured by Koichi Kuwabara with various of them uploaded on his YouTube channel including one occurring in Seoul to help relieve tension between Koreans and Japanese.

Source: WikiTree