K-Pop Fans Celebrate EXO’s and BTS’s FIFA Debuts… Sort Of…

As promised, FIFA played EXO and BTS at the World Cup finals…kind of.

While World Cup fans were celebrating France’s win over Croatia, K-Pop fans were celebrating a victory of their own.


On July 4, EXO‘s “Power” faced off against BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE” in an intense voting battle for the chance to be played during the World Cup finals.


EXO narrowly won the poll on Twitter, while BTS won FIFA’s Instagram poll.


Both groups were declared winners, after much ado.

Don’t Worry ARMY, BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Will Also Be Played at FIFA World Cup 2018


This intense battle of the bands resulted in rising tensions between fandoms, as thousands of fans flooded FIFA’s polls.


In the end, all the stress and conflict was worth it…sort of. Fans had expected to hear “FAKE LOVE” and “Power” play during the final World Cup game. Instead, FIFA played both songs during a soundcheck, to an empty field. The footage was not aired on television.


Now, both EXO fans and BTS fans are wondering if they got played by FIFA. Some suspect that FIFA used the groups’ social media presence to stir up more excitement for the World Cup.


Although the timing was disappointing, fans still have reason to celebrate the groups’ FIFA milestone. The fact that “Power” and “FAKE LOVE” played at all at the World Cup, one of the world’s biggest sporting events, is a victory for EXO, BTS, and the K-Pop fandom as a whole.


Congrats to BTS and EXO!