Former AOA Member Jimin Shocks Netizens By Revealing That Lee Hyori Reached Out To Her When She Needed It Most, And That She Lived With The Icon During Her Darkest Hours

Lee Hyori proves she is a queen.

The revelation of former AOA member Jimin‘s unlikely friendship with K-Pop’s legendary diva Lee Hyori is warming the hearts of K-Pop fans.

Jimin | @jiminbaby_18/Instagram

Lee Hyori | Marie Claire

On September 15, media outlet Osen revealed that Jimin would be performing Lee Hyori’s hit “U-Go-Girl” during the upcoming episode of JTBC‘s survival program Another Universe. The article would reveal the reason why Jimin chose the song, shocking netizens.

Fans of K-Pop are well aware of the misfortunate incident that saw Jimin leave AOA. During the aftermath, Jimin would face her darkest hours, but it has been revealed that she wouldn’t have to go through it alone.

According to the Osen article, during Jimin’s darkest hours, it was Hyori who had reached out to the idol and was there for her.

While Jimin was facing her toughest time, it was Lee Hyori who DMed her first. Despite them not having any relationship beforehand, Lee Hyori felt sorrow for her hoobae and reached out. Jimin then dropped everything and flew to Jeju-do, where she lived with Hyori and was able to gather her strength.

— Osen

It seems Lee Hyori, who is considered an idol’s idol, couldn’t bare to see her hoobae suffer alone. According to the article, Jimin chose to perform Lee Hyori’s classic hit to pay homage to and thank her.

Lee Hyori’s home in Jeju-do | Lotte Magazine

Since Jimin’s return to the industry, she has been forging a path on her own. She signed with label ALO MALO Entertainment in July and is currently appearing on JTBC’s idol survival program Another Universe, where she is proving the reason why she was once considered one of K-Pop’s best all-around musicians.

Check out Jimin’s viral performance of Jaurim‘s “Magic Carpet Ride” on the show in the link below.


Source: Osen