18 K-Pop Industry Experts Were Asked To Name Their Top Fourth Generation Groups — Here Are Their Choices

They were pretty unanimous with their top choice!

Recently, 18 K-Pop industry experts were asked to vote for who they believe to be the top boy and girl groups of the fourth generation of K-Pop.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

These include groups that debuted between 2020 and now (and therefore not the entirety of the fourth generation, which started around 2018), and many of them are some of the most commercially successful K-Pop artists of the modern era!


Though the experts’ opinions varied somewhat, they were all pretty unanimous in who they believe are the top boy and girl group of the current generation.

Of the 18 experts, 16 (or 88.9%) of them voted for NewJeans as the top fourth generation girl group. Considering NewJeans only debuted about a month ago, it’s impressive that they’re already being so highly praised as a top K-Pop group!

NewJeans | HYBE Labels

The girl group that had the second-most votes as the top girl group was aespa, with 9 (or 50%) of the experts voting for them. And finally, IVE came in a close third with 8 (or 44.4%) of the experts voting them as a top girl group.

aespa | SM Entertainment

The “extra picks” for top girl group that are listed are NMIXXLE SSERAFIM, and H1-KEY.

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

As for the top boy group, 17 (or 94.4%) of the 18 experts unanimously voted for ENHYPEN! Just under two years old, the HYBE Labels group has definitely had a successful start of their K-Pop career, and will likely only continue to succeed.


The boy group that came in second place with 9 (or 50%) of the votes was TREASURE. As for the “extra picks”, they include ATBOXdinary HeroesTNXYOUNITEBAE173, and DRIPPIN.

TREASURE | YG Entertainment

All of the artists mentioned as top picks definitely have promising careers, and it will be interesting to see if the experts’ top picks end up as leaders in the industry!

Source: Naver