Professional K-Pop Music Video CG Artist Reveals The Really Good And Really Bad Parts About His Job

Can you guess what they are?

One of the unsung heroes of K-Pop is the editors of music videos. Without their work, the quality of content that celebrities release would be lowered.

A Korean CG artist who has worked with the likes of BTS, TWICE, and SEVENTEEN recently sat down for an interview with Doyouram. He discussed a variety of topics including the good and bad parts of his job.

K-Pop music video CG artist | Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture/YouTube

The Good

First up, there are numerous benefits to being a CG artist. If you’re a fan of celebrities, you might just get to meet them in person while everyone’s on set!

There are some big perks for this job. You get to see the celebrities you like in person and you can see them earlier than others.

— CG Artist

The CG artist worked with BTS on their “Butter” performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Another unexpected perk is the fact that editors are apparently not obliged to delete their files once they submit the final output. Of course, it’s paramount that the videos can never be leaked before their release date, but designers can keep the files for viewing later down the road. If you want footage without pesky little logos or such, this is the job for you!

Also, you can keep the videos forever. Without the logo of the entertainment labels in the video, you can keep watching the videos of your favorite celebrities. That’s another perk.

— CG Artist

The CG artist worked with TXT on “Magic”

The Bad

Unfortunately, there are just as many downsides to being a CG artist as there are benefits. The obvious one is that they’re overworked and tired. They frequently pull all-nighters just to finish their often high budget workload.

It’s really hard. Working on computer graphics takes so much time. It costs a lot of money too, but it also takes so much time. That means I need to give up much of my own time and work until late at night, so there are many nights where I don’t get any sleep. In fact, when working on a big project, my circadian clock is messed up for about a month which makes it so hard even after the project is over.

— CG Artist

As a result, their health is often not the best that it could be.

It’s bad for my eye sight and for my waist as well because I work sitting on a chair all day long. And I use a mouse or pen tablet all day long which is bad for my wrist and neck. So it’s quite hard.

— CG Artist

Despite the hardships that they face, it’s still worth it to be a CG designer according to the interviewee. He ended with a message of encouragement for all aspiring artists, “I hope you watch a lot of movies, dramas, etc. and gain lots of experience this way.”

Catch the full video below!

Source: YouTube