KRAFT Peanut Butter Tweets Special Message At BTS In Korean

BTS and ARMY got a special shoutout from KRAFT for all of their support!

KRAFT Peanut Butter sent a special shoutout to BTS and their fans for using ARMY’s social media presence to help The Hospital for Sick Children‘s fundraising campaign!


KRAFT Peanut Butter started a social media campaign in collaboration with ReThink and The Colony Project hoping to raise money to help children with illnesses.

For every use of the hashtag #KraftBearHugs on social media, KRAFT agreed to donate $1 in support of food allergy and anaphylaxis research, for up to $100,000. They also pledged to donate an additional $50,000 for every million shares.


ARMY decided to get involved. BTS Fans from all over the world showed their support for the campaign by tweeting #KraftBearHugs.


Within 24 hours, #KraftBearHugs was mentioned over 1 million times.


In response to the major boost received from ARMY, KRAFT sent out a tweet to BTS and their fans, thanking them in Korean!

“Thanks to your fans for supporting SickKids and #KraftBearHugs. The amount raised will be used to research food allergies – we know that this problem is important to you. Send us a message directly, we have a special message for you.” — KRAFT


Because of BTS’s influence, KRAFT Peanut Butter even upped their initial offer, agreeing to donate another $50,000 if 2 million mentions are reached!


With fans like ARMY, it’s no wonder BTS won the Top Social Artist award 2 years in a row. BTS and ARMY, keep doing your thing!