Krystal Confesses She Was Hurt By People Commenting On Her “Cold” Looks

She was hurt by people commenting how “cold” and “chic” she looked.

f(x)‘s Krystal is no stranger to people describing her outer appearance as “cold”, “chic” and “stoic”. Although she’s heard this for nearly 10 years, Krystal reveals she used to get very stressed from those comments.


During a recent episode of Life Bar, Kim Heechul revealed that Krystal’s personality is often misunderstood because of her first impressions.

“As you can see, [Krystal] actually is shy, gets embarrassed easily, and the girliest of girls.

But her outer appearance can look chic and cold, so I’m sure she received a lot of misunderstanding.”

— Heechul


Actor Song Seung Heon, who stars alongside Krystal in Player, revealed that he also misunderstood Krystal because of her “chic” first impression.

“First, I thought she would be very chic and distant. But when you see her on set, she’s just the same as any girl her age.”

— Song Seung Heon


Krystal confessed that she did get hurt by people commenting on her cold outer appearance back when she was younger. She would get stressed by all the malicious comments and criticisms she got just for looking like the way she does.

“I got stressed when I was younger because I debuted when I was around 15. Hearing those things hurt me. I would get cursed at and get malicious comments.”

— Krystal


The comments affected her so much that her personality became even more distant as she went out less and less.

“Yeah, it made me stop going out more.”

— Krystal


Although the young Krystal suffered from the comments, she no longer lets them affect her life. She’s learned to just ignore what people say and focus on her life unbothered!

“It’s come to a stage where I don’t pay attention to those things. I don’t look at malicious comments and stay off the internet.

My heart became lighter since.”

— Krystal


Krystal showed once again why you should never judge a book by its cover!