Krystal Takes Her Bra Off On Camera

f(x)’s Krystal took off her bra in front of the camera and surprised all her fans!

In a recent episode of Prison Playbook, Krystal’s character, Ji Ho, came into the house watching a baseball game that her boyfriend Jaeho was playing.

Focusing on the game, she took off her bra with her t-shirt still on.

Then she just threw it on the table.

After the game, Jaeho came to visit Krystal and spotted the bra on the table.

Krystal then freaked out and took the bra away quickly, making all the viewers laugh.

Female netizens expressed that they could relate to her exactly because that’s what they do at home every day!

Netizens are cheering for Krystal’s natural acting, and fans are surprised to see a side of Krystal that they had never seen before!

Source: Dispatch