LACHICA’s Rian Was Once Told Not To Use The Same Restroom As Singers Because She Was A Dancer

“I had to use the restroom but was told the restroom was for singers only…”

LACHICA‘s Gabee and Rian shared stories of their struggle as dancers.

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The dancers were guests on the June 20 episode of MBN’s Hokangs Malgo Skangs.

Poster for Hokangs Malgo Skangs | MBN

On this day’s episode, actress So Yi Hyun spoke with dancers Gabee and Rian while eating delicious food.

Gabee (left) Rian (middle) So Yi Hyun (right) | MBN

So Yi Hyun gushed about being fans of the dancers, stating she has been following the dancer’s recent meteoric rise in popularity.

As a fan of yours, I am so happy. I bragged to my husband that I was with you guys. I’ve watched all your shows. You guys were so cool in the dance battle.

— So Yi Hyun

So Yi Hyun | MBN

The actress revealed that many of her fellow actors were also fans and wanted to ask for pictures when the dancers performed at an awards show.

I saw you guys at an awards show before, and the actors all wanted to take a picture with you guys.

— So Yi Hyun


LACHICA’s Gabee responded that it was unimaginable for the dancers to think that actors would be fans of theirs.

It is unimaginable for us to think actors would want us to be at their awards show, let alone be fans of ours.

— Gabee

While talking about how much life has changed for the dancers, So Yi Hyun asked about their struggles before becoming household names thanks to their awesome performances on Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter.


LACHICA’s Rian then shared a heartbreaking story of how she once needed to use the restroom but was told that the restroom was for singers only and to find another restroom.

There are many injustices dancer’s have to endure. Once I had to use the restroom but was told the restroom was for singers only. I was so sad, as I am also human.

— Rian


So Yi Hyun and fellow dancer Gabee couldn’t hide their anger at the situation. However, So Yi Hyun reminded the dancers that fighting through these tough situations had molded them into who they are, and their strength will help them prevail in the industry.

Because your foundation for success is your hard work, your castles are not made of sand and will be able to prevail.

— So Yi Hyun


The wholesome moment was heartwarming for fans. LACHICA’s Gabee and Rian, as well as dancers in general, have seen an immense rise in popularity thanks to the dancers who competed in Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter.

The show, which featured teams Holybang, LACHICA, WAYB, PROWDMON, HOOK, YGX, WANT, and, CocaNButter, showcased the dancer’s immense talents and audiences gained a new appreciation for the art of dance.

Crew leaders on Street Woman Fighter | Mnet
Holybang on Street Woman Fighter | Mnet

So Yi Hyun is a beloved actress in Korea who is revered for her acting skills and beauty. The actress debuted in 2002 and would go on to act in over twenty dramas. The actress married her husband, a fellow actor In Gyo Jin, in 2014 and have two children together.

So Yi Hyun (left) with In Gyo Jin (middle) with their children | DongA

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