Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Reveals The Sweet Story Of How She Became Best Friends With BLACKPINK’s Rosé

They were fated to become BFF’s!

Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé are well known to be best friends since before either of them debuted!

They often cheered each other on through social media posts that highlighted their friendship.

During her comeback interview, Ashley dropped inside details on how they became friends. It all happened when both of them met at church not long after Rosé first moved to Korea to being her training.

During a church service, I happened to sit next to Rosé. Mid-service, we were greeting the people next to us. I thought we could become friends so I started up a conversation. It turned out that she was 6 years younger than me.

— Ashley

Ashley immediately knew that Rosé was from abroad, which allowed them to click almost immediately!

It wasn’t long since Rosé had arrived in Korea, so she had the foreigner feel. That day, we went out to eat after service and became friends ever since.

— Ashley

Not only are the two idols friends, but their families have also become close! Ashley’s mom recently met up with Rosé’s parents at BLACKPINK’s concert in New York, a city where Ashley also hopes to perform one day too!

Even our families are close. I told my mom to go visit BLACKPINK’s concert in New York so that she can meet her parents. I felt very proud.

I hope I can hold a concert in New York one day.

— Ashley

Long live the cutest friendship between these two queens!