LE SSERAFIM Picks Two Members Who Memorize Their Choreographies The Quickest, But It’s Not Kazuha

Can you guess who they are?

LE SSERAFIM played a game of “Who’s Who” on the Buzzfeed Celeb YouTube channel, and they answered questions like which member is the most likely to ghost their group chat, who gets ready the quickest, and who has the best sense of fashion, among many others.


The SOURCE MUSIC girl group was also asked, “Who’s most likely to nail choreography the quickest?

Many fans may think that they would choose Kazuha, who was a former professional ballerina, but they actually named two other members!


According to the girls, Yunjin and Eunchae memorize their dances the quickest.

To prove their point, they explained how Eunchae even learned the choreography of their debut song “FEARLESS” in a groundbreaking two hours!

  • Yunjin: Eunchae nailed down the ‘FEARLESS’ choreography in just two hours. That says it all.
  • Chaewon: That’s true.
  • Sakura: She’s amazing.

And true enough, Eunchae once talked about how she was added to the group last when everyone else already knew the choreography. She admitted to feeling pressured and worried that day, but she gave it her all and learned the dance in record-breaking speed.

In the same interview, the girls dished on the one member who always ghosts their group chat. Find out who it is in the article below.

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Source: YouTube