LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Directly Addresses People Who Judge Her And Lays Out Why They’re Unreasonable

She spoke the truth.

Despite the fame and glory that K-Pop idols receive, it isn’t always a smooth-sailing career. Apart from the obvious—training for many years, having long work hours during comeback season, etc—many have experienced being on the receiving end of criticism and hate speech online, which can take a toll on their mental health.

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Haters call them out for even the smallest of things that they don’t like, such as the members’ hair, makeup, and outfits. The public scrutiny K-Pop idols are subjected to every day is unlike any other.

One such idol who is very vocal about this is LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin.

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The former opera singer is a talented musician, having already released several self-written and produced songs since the group’s debut last year. Her songs like “I ≠ DOLL,” for example, directly took a jab at haters in the lyrics.

Yesterday, I looked like a doll. Today you called me a b*tch. When all they see is vanity, they pick apart my body and throw the rest away.”

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In an interview with Nylon, Yunjin shared her thoughts on the way people judge celebrities and explained why their words are unfair. She said that people are “dynamic,” “diverse,” and “multi-dimensional.” But when haters come after them, they are treated like they only have one layer. There’s more to an idol than what they portray on-screen.

You’re taking such a dynamic and diverse and multi-dimensional person and flattening them. People are a lot more layered and nuanced.

— Yunjin

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It’s not the best thing to make assumptions through one observation,” the singer concluded.

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Source: Nylon