Lee Hi Reveals Which AOMG Artist She Has The Most Awkward Yet Sweetest Friendship With

“Too awkward.”

In light of her recent comeback, Lee Hi guested on MBC FM4U’s Noon’s Hope Song and answered some juicy questions about her fellow AOMG labelmates!

The radio show’s DJ Kim Shin Young put Lee Hi in the hot seat and asked, “Within the AOMG family, is there someone you feel awkward with if it’s just you two

Lee Hi kept her answer sweet and simple and replied, “Everyone is comfortable and nice.” While Lee Hi didn’t name any names at first,  she then revealed it can be awkward with rapper LOCO at times.

To clarify, Lee Hi explained that despite their awkward friendship, it’s actually kind of a sweet one. Lee Hi revealed that LOCO would go with her on different promotions when she needed him, even if he wasn’t actively promoting anything at the time.

I didn’t see [Loco] all that often so we didn’t get to grow close. But when I needed him, he appeared on different TV programs with me—even though he wasn’t actively promoting at the time.

— Lee Hi

Kim Shin Young then suggested that Lee Hi send Loco a nice voice message through the radio. Lee Hi conveyed her appreciation for his music and mentioned that they should get coffee one day.

I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’m listening to the new song well this time, If we have time we should grab a cup of coffee together.

— Lee Hi

Hilariously, Kim Shin Young commented that Lee Hi’s message itself was quite awkward! Kim Shin Young confessed, “This in itself is too awkward.

Source: Star Today