Lee Hyori gifts Hyosung her outfit for M! Countdown special stage

It was recently revealed that Hyosung‘s outfit for her M! Countdown special stage covering Lee Hyori‘s tracks was gifted to the SECRET member by the diva herself. 

On March 5th, Mnet aired a special M! Countdown episode to celebrate the cable channel’s 20th anniversary. For this, many artists currently on hiatus appeared to perform, even inviting popular ’90s idols such as Fly To The Sky and Roo’Ra to perform and including SECRET’s Hyosung.

Hyosung performed a special stage to commemorate Lee Hyori, performing her hit tracks “10 Minutes” (2003) and “U-Go-Girl” (2008) wearing a red plaid, overall skirt with a white long sleeved crop top. Though giving an almost innocent appearance with her smiles, Hyosung no doubt gave one of the hottest stages of the night.

It was revealed on March 6th that the outfit she donned was given and customized by Lee Hyori to Hyosung just for this special occasion and said, “I really thank you.”

The SECRET member further revealed that she had been very nervous to recreate a Lee Hyori stage, as she had a less than a week to practice to perfect it, sharing that she was honored to have been chosen to cover her senior’s songs.

Check out her stage below:

Source: TV Report and OSEN