Netizens Are Divided On Whether Lee Hyori Should Step Down From “Hangout With Yoo” Following Karaoke Controversy

Here are the netizens’ divided opinions on the “Hangout With Yoo” homepage.

Lee Hyori, who has been gaining overwhelming love and attention for her return to the variety scene through Hangout With Yoo and SSAK3, recently stirred up controversy with Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona for going to karaoke and not wearing a mask in the midst of COVID-19.

The two stars started a live broadcast while singing karaoke, but as soon as viewers criticized them for their actions, they turned it off and released formal apologies soon afterward.

I’m deeply regretful for my inappropriate actions during a time when we should still be careful of COVID-19. I’ve been so excited these days that I didn’t think it through. As an unnie, I feel sorry to Yoona. I’ll be more careful and thoughtful from now on.

– Lee Hyori

Despite her apology, netizens have been expressing their opinions about whether Lee Hyori should continue her activities with Hangout With Yoo and SSAK3.

The divided opinions on Hangout With Yoo‘s homepage read as follows:

  • It’s true that they made a mistake. Those who are asking if everyone else is staying home, thoughts like that are the reason why this hasn’t ended yet. There are many people who hold it in and make an effort. The idea that my one action won’t matter… One day, your family will suffer the consequences.
  • I’m totally against her leaving the show. I’m healing with this show because of COVID-19.
  • She definitely shouldn’t leave the show. That’s ridiculous…
  • Are you seriously telling her to leave the show for this? Cheer up, Hyori!!
  • Leave the show? I’m speechless.
  • If we listen to all the negative nancies, no one will ever watch this show again.
  • I ask that you leave the show.
  • When does this project end?
  • I want you to leave the show.
  • I’m writing this out of fear that Hyori will leave the show.
  • I’m completely against it. I registered and wrote this out of fear that Hyori will leave.
  • When do the songs come out? I’m excited.
  • I hope SSAK3 lasts for a long time!
  • I have some content recommendations.
  • When is Lee Hyori and Rain on this show until? I’m tired of them, and they’re not even that talented.

Until the controversy, Hangout With Yoo killed the viewer ratings following the formation of a mixed-gender idol group formed by Yoo Jae Suk, Rain, and Lee Hyori called SSAK3.

Lee Hyori has yet to speak up about her stance regarding the show.

Source: Dispatch