Lee Hyori Dated Poor Boyfriends In The Past But It Never Worked Out — Here’s Why

“I’ve dated men without money, but there’s a reason why it never worked out.” — Lee Hyori

In light of Lee Hyori‘s rising popularity in Korean variety shows, her past appearance on SBS‘s Magic Eye resurfaced in online communities.

The clip that drew particular attention online shows Lee Hyori talking about her failed relationships with poor men.

She confessed that she dated poor men in the past but that it ever worked out.

Here’s why.

There’s a reason why it never worked out with them. They have an inferiority complex about having less money than me.

— Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori went on to provide an example that is pretty sad, to say the least.

When I wanted this cheap bracelet made out of string, they said, ‘You have more money than me. You buy it.’

— Lee Hyori

According to Lee Hyori, their attempt to bring her down for the sake of their own inferiority complex ultimately ended their relationships.

But she also stressed that she could date men with no money as long as they didn’t have that inferiority complex.

And her now-husband, Lee Sang Soon, was the perfect example, as she went on to add that he was not like that at all.

Despite having less money, Lee Sang Soon is confident in his own abilities and treats his wife the way she deserves.

Check out the full clip of Lee Hyori’s past confession below:

Source: Insight