Lee Hyori Reveals The Reason Why She Decided To Move To Jeju Island

What a beautiful relationship.

Singer Lee Hyori has decided to share the farewell story of her and her dog Soonshim through a two part special on SBS’s Animal Farm.

Through this two-part series, she plans on showing their final moments with Soonshim as well as the 3,647 days they spent together.

| SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐/YouTube

Although it has been three years since they moved to a new house, she returned to their old one to film the series as it was where they spent the most time with Soonshim.

She also admits that Soonshim was the first dog that she ever had a deep connection with.

Soonshim is the first different form of life that I have ever loved so deeply and had a connection with and it was then that I realized that this was what was most important.

⁠— Lee Hyori

In regards to moving to Jeju, she revealed that after a trip to the island with the dogs, she realized just how happy they were to be there.

She then officially decided to make the big move and began building a house in Jeju.

Stay tuned for the two part series starting on May 9!