[★TRENDING] Lee Jong Suk sends touching birthday gift to Sewol Ferry victim

Model-actor Lee Jong Suk was recently revealed to have sent a heartwarming birthday gift to one specific fan of his— a victim of the Sewol ferry tragedy that occurred nearly one year ago.

On April 5th, a South Korean online news portal Insight reported on a series of short tweets that were posted by an individual who runs a personal fan account on Twitter for model-actor Lee Jong Suk.

The tweets were regarding a birthday gift that was personally sent by Lee Jong Suk to a former Danwon High School student named Kwon Ji Hye, who was a victim of the April 16, 2014 tragedy of the capsized Sewol ferry and also whose birthday is on April 2nd.

The first tweet seen below, which was posted on April 2nd, reads, “Jong Suk-ah~ You’re really an angel, aren’t you? Yes, our baby is an angel! How did you do such a nice deed? Thank you for not forgetting and sending an autograph. I’m sure that friend spent a happy birthday, too. To my friend who became a star rather than a blooming flower… I hope you are happy where you are with all your friends.

As followers of this fan account began retweeting and spreading the post, questions arose regarding the details of this first tweet. The fan account administrator then posted a second and third tweet to clarify and elaborate on the heartfelt story, saying, “My friend used to work as a youth group Bible study teacher at a Catholic church and one of her former students that she taught in, her group was a victim of the Sewol ferry. That student liked Lee Jong Suk a lot, so ever since the tragedy, my friend was wondering if there was any way to get Lee Jong Suk’s autograph so that she could go place it in her student’s grave site.

The account administrator continued, “My friend had sent a message and request to Lee Jong Suk’s staff [a while back], but had forgotten about it… However, today was that student’s birthday so I guess they all had a small get-together to celebrate. My friend said that her student’s mother showed up talking about how Lee Jong Suk was such a kind, generous guy by showing everyone [the autograph and gift]. I’m sure that that student was able to spend a happy, pain-free birthday today from up above. To all Sewol ferry victims, you will never be forgotten.

As more and more followers, fans, and netizens came across this story and showed interest, especially with the one-year commemoration of the Sewol tragedy approaching in less than two weeks, the Twitter account administrator posted a photo of the gift that was sent by the celebrity, saying, “Because of my previous tweets, which were beginning to spread online, the older sister of that student personally sent me a photo of the gift. The flower basket that Jong Suk sent…

In the photo, a floral basket is seen with carnations and yellow roses, the official color for the Sewol tragedy campaign, along with an autographed photo of Lee Jong Suk and a handwritten message that reads, “Dear Ji Hye, I genuinely congratulate you on your 19th birthday with all my heart. I hope that it is always spring time in the place that you, a girl as beautiful as flowers, are living in now… Love, Lee Jong Suk.

Source: Insight