Lee Jung Hee’s eldest son pleads for support against prostitution

The eldest son of Lee Jung Hee, a mother of two sons who previously posted online begging for help against their forced prostitution, has followed his mother’s footsteps and also posted his story online.

Lee Jung Hee has been fighting for her life, finally speaking up about her tragedy of her and her sons being forced into prostitution by her legal husband and their families.

She originally posted about their story on Pann, seeking the help of netizens to spread her story and get it out on the news after her efforts to get to the media alone were blocked by her husband. Her second son had also shared his side of the story via his mom’s account on Pann.

Now Lee Jung Hee’s eldest son, who has been hospitalized and is receiving treatment for the trauma he suffered, has shared his story as well and pleads for support to help him get through.

The following is a translation of his post that was posted on Pann.

Lee Jung Hee’s first son’s post

I am Lee Jung Hee’s first son.
It is true that I was raped by my biological father and my grandfather for 10 years.
I am right now residing in a hospital because of the trauma that I experienced.
I am in intense pain and because of the trauma that I experienced because of my father and my grandfather,
Every time I think about them, I get angry and make them wish that they were never born.
I would also cry by myself because I can’t do anything to help my mother and brother.
I can’t take it anymore.
The pain is so intense that I feel like I want to literally kill myself.
However, there is a good side to be staying in the hospital.
One is that I can get treatment from the doctor, but above all, is that I don’t get to see my father.
I’m actually happy that I don’t get to see him.
He doesn’t deserve to live at all.
He deserves to live his pathetic life behind bars for the rest of his life.
My father is not a human being, he’s a monster.
Right now, no one is helping us to win this war.
We’re all on our own.
All I want is to live a normal life.
Where I can go to school and make friends, real friends.
When I was at school, I never made real friends.
I couldn’t tell anyone about what my father had done to me.
And I was scared that people would find out about it, so I was always by myself and lonely.
I was always depressed and felt like I was useless in this world.
I still feel that way.
Please, you, whoever is reading this, you’re our only hope.
Please put an end to our pain.
You people are the only ones who we can count on.
I know that you will all help us.
And I thank all of you who are helping us and I’m glad that you’re all with us.
Thank you for reading this.

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Translations of previous posts by Lee Jung Hee and her second son: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/woman-and-her-two-sons-begs-for-help-after-being-forced-into-prostitution-by-husband

Source: Pann