[★VIDEO] Lee Kwang Soo mobbed by fans in front of hotel

Recently, popular actor and Running Man cast member Lee Kwang Soo traveled to Hong Kong, where he was met by fans who just didn’t want to let him go.

On May 28th, Lee Kwang Soo and Lynn Hung were in Hong Kong for Chinese reality program If You Love. After completing the filming in Central, Lee Kwang Soo went to the hotel at Hong Kong Disneyland, where he was met by fans who either followed him back or waited for him there.

Upon seeing Lee Kwang Soo, fans swarmed the actor and started taking selcas without asking for permission. Lee Kwang Soo stopped momentarily to pose for the fans with a smile on his face; however, it can be seen that he had trouble getting into the hotel as fans got up close and personal, preventing him from walking away.

Meanwhile, a staff member was heard apologizing over and over and stating that Lee Kwang Soo had to leave. In the end, the actor got into the hotel safely with the help of a staff pulling him away, although the video below shows that the fans appear to have followed him into the hotel.

Source: Appledaily