Lee Se Young is returning to SNL Korea despite sexual harassment controversy

Lee Se Young will be returning to SNL Korea Season 9, despite having been caught sexually assaulting members of B1A4, INFINITE, and Block B in season 8.

Late last year, comedian Lee Se Young was caught on video sexually assaulting members of B1A4, INFINITE, and Block B during a skit, to which the staff of SNL Korea apologized after first denying such a thing happened.

Soon, reports of Lee Se Young leaving the show surfaced, but staff denied these reports and stated that the notion of her departing SNL Korea had not even come up in any meetings, nor was it even on their agenda.

Early this year, police finally cleared the situation and dropped all charges of sexual harassment on the grounds that there was not enough evidence, and the artists that were groped also decided not to press charges.

With SNL Korea‘s 9th season starting in March, initial reports in mid-February stated that Lee Se Young’s appearance on the show was undecided as of yet; however, according to an insider on February 21, Lee Se Young has discussed plans to star on SNL Korea season 9 as a permanent member and has revealed that she will be starring on the show.

The staff of SNL Korea has explained that her complete refusal of appearing on any television shows or broadcasts, and her refusal to accept the “Best Comedian” award last year reflected her sincere regret and apologetic attitude; therefore, they willing to give her another chance.

SNL Korea season 9 will be facing quite a lot of changes in cast, including the addition of AOA‘s Hyejeong, and the departure of a few season 8 stars. The new season will begin airing at the end of March.

Source: Sports Chosun