Korean Netizens React To Lee Seung Gi’s Latest Controversy

“It’s disappointing to see his image falling apart like this…”

Korean netizens reacted to the many allegations surrounding Lee Seung Gi‘s Atlanta concert.

Lee Seung Gi

Earlier, it was reported that Lee Seung Gi had canceled the New York leg of his concert tour due to controversy over a missed appearance.

Lee Seung Gi Sparks Criticism From US Fans, Cancels New York Concert Amid Growing Backlash

Recently, it was reported that the singer, who had previously verbally agreed to make an appearance at several local Atlanta restaurants owned by a concert sponsor, had canceled last-minute.

We didn’t draft contracts or anything, but we kept in touch with Lee’s Korean management via KakaoTalk and over the phone before he departed Korea. HUMANMADE even asked us for the details on the names of the sponsoring restaurants. On our behalf, Hugh Entertainment notified Lee of how many pictures we’d like and other information.

— Restaurant Owner/Concert Sponsor

In a statement, the restaurant owner lamented Lee Seung Gi’s unprofessionalism and his apparent lack of consideration for the business as well as his fans who wanted to meet him.

We prepared a lot for his visit. But he canceled on all three restaurants on the day of the visit. We weren’t given any notice. He blamed his unwell condition and didn’t show up. Lee’s cancelation disappointed his stateside fans who wanted to see him at the restaurants.

Had he any consideration for his fans in Atlanta, he wouldn’t have pulled something like this. We don’t really understand him canceling all of his schedules. We promoted his visit, based on what his management and we agreed upon. We can’t help but wonder if he canceled the schedules because he thought very little of the Korean Americans in Atlanta.

— Restaurant Owner/Concert Sponsor

The controversy grew further when it was revealed that the singer had also had an issue with his hotel accommodation, with many interpreting the slight as disrespect to all Korean-Americans. Lee Seung Gi’s label, HUMANMADE, tried to quell the issue in a statement.

Yes, there was a mutual spoken agreement that Lee would visit the restaurant, but it was more in a sense that he’d make the effort to coordinate the visit. After his flight [to Atlanta] got postponed several times, we decided to prioritize the performance and that it’d be better for him to focus on maintaining a good condition for the concert.


Korean netizens reacted to the controversy, with many expressing disappointment.

  • “Seeing how Lee Seung Gi’s image has been exposed since leaving his label, (HOOK Entertainment) must have done a good job.”
  • “His old label must have done a great job.”
  • “His image is getting worse.”
  • “It’s disappointing to see his image falling apart like this…”
  • “Wow, he didn’t even get out of his car because he didn’t like the hotel? That’s wild.”
  • “Hook Entertainment was good at their job.”
  • “Wow, is this his true image?”
  • “He has become a joke.”

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Source: theqoo