Lee Seung Gi To Host The Upcoming JTBC Singer Audition Program “Sing Again”

The all-around entertainer will be the show’s MC:

Lee Seung Gi will be using his skills as an all-around entertainer as an MC in the upcoming singer audition program, Sing Again.

The JTBC program is a new project from the producers of Sugarman and will be a “reboot” audition program. Through Sing Again, unknown or forgotten singers will be given another chance to take the stage and showcase their skills to the public once again. Previously, Yoo Hee Yeol was announced as one of the judges for the show.

Sharing the reason he decided to join the show, Lee Seung Gi explained, “‘Sing Again’ is a program that gives one more opportunity to singers who need a place to stand, and that goal really resonated with me.

With Lee Seung Gi joining the program as an MC, the producers also shared, “Lee Seung Gi is definitely the right person for our program. Besides his excellent hosting ability, as a singer, he can deeply understand the feelings of the participants. We hope everyone will look forward to the judge panel lineup that will be announced in the near future.”

Sing Again, meanwhile, just finished wrapping up recruitment on July 31 and is expected to broadcast in the second half of the year.

Are you excited for MC Lee Seung Gi and Sing Again?

Source: Osen