Lee Tae Im apologizes to Yewon on recent “SNL Korea 6” broadcast

Actress Lee Tae Im made an appearance on the latest episode of SNL Korea 6 as the day’s host where she took the chance to publicly apologize once again to former Jewelry member Yewon.

Aired on November 7th, the infamous “cursing incident” was brought up on the show’s corner “Project B.”

Shin Dong Yup asked her, “Do you see the comments. What kinds of comment topics come up?” to which Lee Tae Im replied, “There’s a lot of topics regarding who did right and who did wrong.”

He then continues, “Who do you think did wrong?” and she said, “”I did wrong. I was an unnie and I wanted to say sorry here in this spot to Yewon who currently has the burden on her shoulders.”

Earlier this year in March 2015, a controversy arose between Yewon and Lee Tae Im known as the “cursing incident.” Word began to spread that an argument had occurred between the two with the initial finger pointed towards Lee Tae Im. However, once a video of the situation was leaked online, the truth revealed that Yewon’s attitude towards Lee Tae Im had started the controversy and caused the infamous line “Unnie, you don’t like me do you?” to go viral online.

While Lee Tae Im had almost immediately apologized for the unfortunate incident, Yewon has continually been criticized for continuing her appearances on We Got Married with Henry as her virtual partner and waiting until after she left the show three months letter to write a public apology to the actress.

Watch the clip below:

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[+20470, -400] Lee Tae Im has earned a lot ㅋㅋㅋ

[+14948, -960] Both of them were in the wrong…aish

[+13982, -349] After her hiatus, her return has been really amazing

[+13884, -1818] It wouldn’t be easy saying these words… She’s cool! Hope you’ll be successful~

[+11206, -379] She went ahead for the nice image first….and a dongseng that is a step behind

Source: TV Report