Leeteuk and Yoo Se Yoon lip sync to Noel’s “Your Voice” for new show “Music Mystery Show”

Super Junior member Leeteuk joined comedian Yoo Se Yoon for a comical music video where the two lip-synced to Noel‘s heartfelt ballad “Your Voice” to promote Mnet‘s new show,  Music Mystery Show’s new concept.

At first, fans flocked to the video to in hopes of seeing a touching cover of Noel’s passionate ballad. However, fans were delighted and entertained to find out that the two were actually lip syncing, despite their attempt to appear serious about the cover.

Music Mystery Show will feature a segment tentatively titled “Show Your Voice” where there will be three rounds and the audience will have to vote for the person they believe is behind the voice. However, if the person who wins the most votes turns out not able to carry a tune, they will win a cash prize!

Leeteuk and Yoo Se Yoon’s cover is titled “Month Se Yoon Se Yoon Vol. 3 Yoo Se Yoon & Leeteuk – Your Voice” mimicking the title style of a released OST, which was entertaining for fans.

Kim Bum Soo joins Leeteuk and Yoo Se Yoon as MCs for the show which will air every Thursday at 9:40KST on Mnet! Tune in to see what hilarious events occur in this ultimate lip syncing competition!

Source: Segye