Lim Kim Returns With A Rap Track And Fans Are Mind Blown By The Transformation

She’s back as a rapper.

Lim Kim, also known as Kim Ye Rim from Superstar K Season 3, released a brand new track called “SAL-KI (살기, bloodthirstiness)” and it turned out to be a rap number that revealed a whole new side of Lim Kim that her fans didn’t know about before.


Lim Kim’s “SAL-KI” is written and directed by the artist herself, showcasing her talent and skills as a musician and producer. The all-English lyrics well represent what Lim Kim is trying to convey through the song. The vibe of the song is also completely different from Lim Kim’s previous works. Astonished fans have commented that the unique sound reminds them of some sort of a contemporary art piece.

No longer silenced, we stand up brave. You can’t block or control it. I need to change up this game. Don’t identify self in male gaze.

— Lim Kim


Lim Kim has been rather inactive in the K-Pop industry, especially since her contract expired with Mystic Entertainment back in 2016. At the news of her return, Lim Kim’s fans were thrilled – and now that her extreme style change is out in the open, fans can’t handle the excitement!

Lim Kim’s New Track Cover

FINALLY! Also this has such a different vibe than what I’ve heard from her before damn she had a whole transformation during her hiatus

— YouTube ID: WordsSaidLikeHabit

Oh wow! What a change from her other music! I love the sound of it and the message! Go ahead Lim Kim!

— YouTube ID: BlacKat0914

I’ve been browsing Lim Kim’s “followings” on her Insta over the years, so I’m not surprised at all by the experimental edginess of this track (from both a musical and lyrical standpoint). [Anyone else catch the Eternal Dragonz follow soon after they left a nice comment on her recent teaser?] Congratulations on the new music, and I hope we don’t have to wait another few years before your next release. Always looking forward to hearing your music. 😊

— YouTube ID: Dogswill sing


Some fans are a bit shocked by the transformation and still feel confused at why Lim Kim decided to take on a completely different voice. Nevertheless, listeners are glad to have the artist back and active – and look forward to the EP that Lim Kim teased as coming soon!


Check out the song below: