Little Boy Starts Touching Hani’s Breasts And Won’t Let Go

This little boy doesn’t know when to stop!

When EXID‘s Hani appeared on MBC‘s A Puppy That Went To Kindergarten, she got more love than she expected when one of the boys started touching her breasts!


The show brings together puppies, cute kids and celebrities.

It’s hosted by Seo Jang HoonDon Spike and Kangnam.


Hani was playing with one of the boys, Onew, when he launched forward and pressed his hands against her breasts.


Understandably, Hani looked shocked, but quickly pushed his hands off gently.

She said, “Wait a minute, wait a minute Onew!”


But Onew just latched back on and even drummed them like an instrument!

Hani was visibly flustered and was even pushed back by Onew!


She ended up falling backwards with Onew still touching her breasts!


Seo Jang Hoon finally told Onew to get off of Hani, saying “You can’t touch there!

Poor Hani was mortified – look at her hands!


Seo Jang Hoon took Onew away from Hani and carefully reprimanded him.


This isn’t the first time Hani appeared on the show – she first went on in 2015 and got close to the children then, too!


Kids just can’t help but love Hani but that love can sometimes be a little too much…


Source: Instiz