Live-Action “Mulan” Confirmed To Finally Release Through Disney+ For $30

Coming soon to TVs near you.

Disney‘s live-action remake of “Mulan” had been highly-anticipated since they first announced the movie’s preliminary planning stages featuring an all-Asian cast.

It was initially scheduled to premiere in theaters worldwide this past March but was continually postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest theater release date was scheduled for August 21st but as the US continues to struggle to reopen, Disney has decided to not wait any longer.

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“Mulan” will be available through Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, on September 4. The movie will be available to stream on the subscription platform with an additional fee of $29.99. “Mulan” will be released simultaneously in countries where Disney+ is unavailable and where theaters are open.

Disney+ is offered in select countries for $6.99/month. Fans who wish to watch “Mulan” will have to purchase a subscription and pay an extra $29.99 to see the movie this September.

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Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, announced that the pandemic has caused them to think of different approaches to releasing their blockbusters in this economic climate.

We thought it was important to find alternative ways to bring this exceptional family friendly film to them in a timely manner.

— Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO

“Mulan” is speculated to be the experiment child as no other Disney films that have been postponed were announced to be released through the new method.

No matter, “Mulan” is anticipated to be a significant mark in Hollywood for its diversity and a hit blockbuster of the year at that! Check out the movie’s trailer below:

Source: CNN