Filipina Actress Liza Soberano Appears On A K-Variety Show For The First Time—Here’s What Happened

She’s gaining even more fans!

Filipina actress Liza Soberano is making waves in South Korea!

Liza Soberano | @lizasoberano/Instagram

She recently appeared on the MBN variety show, Not Hocance But Scance, featuring Soyou, Jiwon, Nicole, and Jiyoung. It is a casual and fun reality series that follows the female cast members and their visits to hotel suites.

This time around, Liza was a special guest who arrived just in time for their barbecue dinner. She was introduced as a “very popular” celebrity who is also a fan of the cast.

A very popular actress from the Philippines is also staying at this hotel. She mentioned that she’s a fan of all of you.

— Producer of Not Hocance But Scance

Liza’s significant number of Instagram followers was highlighted. The Not Hocance But Scance cast expressed their interest in her background and plans upon learning more about her.

Producer: She’s popular. She has over 17 million followers on social media and she’s here to greet you all.

Jiyoung: A Filipino actress. I wonder why she’s visiting South Korea.

At 17.3 million followers and counting, Liza is one of the most influential celebrities in the Philippines. A short montage of her Instagram page and photoshoot releases were also shared.

Liza greeted the cast by name and revealed that she looks up to Soyou, a former member of SISTAR and currently a soloist. The FIlipino actress explained that she knows her best from her soundtracks for K-Dramas.

Soyou, I’m a fan of yours…you’re in a lot of K-Drama OSTs.

— Liza

She told Nicole that she’s currently visiting Korea because she is a fan of its culture and entertainment industry. She is also looking for opportunities to work there in the future.

[I was interested in Korea] since I was 11. It started with K-Pop and then I started watching dramas like Boys Over Flowers...I’m just exploring Seoul and I’m a huge fan of K-Pop and K-Drama so I want to try to find work here.

— Liza

Prior to the release of the episode, Liza took to Instagram to commemorate the event. She acknowledged her fellow castmates as well as the producer of the show and confirmed that it was her first appearance in a South Korean program.

Had my first ever Korean show guesting tonight on MBN’s Not Hocance but Scance. Thank you to the host and guests of the show for making the experience fun and memorable!

— Liza

| @lizasoberano/Instagram

She also shared her friend’s Instagram Story on her account, commenting a smiling emoji to express her joy at the achievement.

Hehe our first TV appearance in South Korea!

— Liza

This isn’t the first time Liza made headlines for her activities in South Korea. Check out the celebrities she recently collaborated with below.

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