Lizzo’s Reaction To BTS’s V Dancing To Her Song Is Too Real

She’s literally the most successful fan!

American music artist Lizzo is truly one of the most successful members of the BTS ARMY!

Lizzo in her “Butter” cover. | @BBCR1/ Twitter

She once was just a casual fan after being introduced to BTS by her sister

Quickly, she became just as much as an ARMY or more!

Since then, she has become a successful fan, not only attending BTS’s concert but attending a concert with BTS.

From left: Jungkook, Jimin, Lizzo, V, and J-Hope at Harry Styles’ concert. | @BTS_twt/ Twitter

Lizzo is officially besties with the members, even texting them!

Still, she can’t help but fangirl every now and then, especially when realizing that BTS are fans of hers too.

Recently, BTS’s V dropped his solo vlog. He went to the dentist, talked about creating his own music, and shared his driving playlist.

One of the songs featured was none other than Lizzo’s hit song “About Damn Time.” V “[loves] Lizzo’s songs.”

Lizzo revealed soon after V’s vlog dropped that she was watching by sharing her live reaction via Twitter, expressing shock that he was jamming out to one of her songs!

Like any of us would if V noticed us in any way, she had to tell everyone. So, she took to every social media platform.

She shared a clip of V dancing to “About Damn Time” on TikTok, crediting him as the creator of a new dance trend.



♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

She duetted her own video, recreating his spontaneous dance to her song.


#duet with @lizzo VIZZO

♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

After she shared their videos side-by-side on Instagram Stories, V reposted it to his own Instagram Stories, which she then reposted, creating a cycle of neverending love!

Lizzo (left) and V (right). | @lizzobeating/Instagram

Lizzo also debuted her and V’s friendship name. It’s “VIZZO!”

Considering V is one of Lizzo’s biases, we honestly don’t know how the girl is still alive at this point.

We certainly can’t imagine her sister’s reaction to all this right now since she is actually 100% V-biased!

V is not the only BTS member with whom Lizzo recently had a wholesome online exchange. Read about her friendship with J-Hope below:

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