LOONA’s Yves Apologizes For Using A Problematic Cartoon Character As Her Profile Picture

The idol quickly apologized for her mistake.

LOONA‘s Yves quickly apologized for switching her profile picture to a cartoon character that some have called problematic.

Yves | Blockberry Creative

On July 28, LOONA’s Yves communicated with fans via the FAB app. On this day, she shared a picture of her swollen lips due to an allergic reaction.

Yves | theqoo

In the picture, the idol can be seen with noticeably swollen lips. One fan pointed out that her lips reminded them of a cartoon character, Ko Eunae‘s lips. Ko Eunae is a cartoon character from a popular cartoon from the early ’90s named Dallyulah Hani (translated as Run Hani).

The issue occurred when Yves decided to use a photo of the character as her own profile picture. Some international fans saw the cartoon character’s hair and lips and stated that the picture was offensive.

Ko Eunae |

Although Ko Eunae is a Korean character, some fans found the character problematic as the cartoon character shares similar traits to the racist caricatures of African Americans that were once shown in the United States.

Racist cartoon | Museum of Uncut Funk

LOONA’s Yves quickly changed back her profile and apologized.

I see you are upset that I used a picture of Ko Eunae as  my profile picture. I used the picture because the cartoon from where the character is from was once very popular in Korea. I apologize to those that I have upset. In the future, I will be sure to check to see if a cartoon character is offensive.

— Yves

Hopefully, the idol has learned from the incident and  will be more careful in the future.

Source: Theqoo