Lovelyz’s Mijoo Reveals Why She Kept Getting Rejected By Guys

She shared a personal story from her past!

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is famous for her bright personality and goddess visuals, but she recently revealed the reason why she kept getting rejected by guys!

Mijoo recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show as a special DJ, and while interacting with listeners of the show, received a story by a listener that led to her revealing how she was turned down by many men before in the past!

| SBS Power FM

During the show, a listener sent in a story about being rejected after revealing to a girl that he liked her. After hearing this, DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked Mijoo about her own love life!

Have you ever been rejected by a guy?

—Kim Tae Gyun

Mijoo then revealed that she, in fact, had been rejected tons of times, and had even rejected many men herself!

I’ve rejected guys and have also been rejected by them too in the past. I’m a very straightforward type of person. I get rejected because they feel too burdened by me.

I’ve been rejected a lot.


Listeners were shocked at her answer, because with her bright energy and unreal visuals, they find it hard to believe she could be rejected!

But they also showed support and a positive response, as she shared this personal story that might have been hard to share being a girl group member, and lauded her for speaking up!

Source: Insight Korea