Lovelyz’s Jisoo Collapses After Finishing Performance At University Festival

Her legs completely gave out.

May is peak University Festival season and many K-Pop artists are performing at multiple universities a day, and it’s taking a toll on their bodies.


Lovelyz performed at Myongji University’s festival and performed a total of 4 songs, but fans noticed Jisoo‘s looked tired and worn out right from the start.


After the group finished their 20 minute set, Jisoo tried to walk off the stage, but her steps were slow and small before receiving some support from Jiae.


Her exhaustion kicked in, and after taking just 3 steps, she collapsed to the floor, where she had to be helped back up by Jiae.


Even with the support of Jiae and Yein, Jisoo had difficulty getting down the stairs leading backstage.


Hopefully Jisoo can get some much deserved rest after hectic promotions in both Korea and Japan. Watch the full video of the unfortunate event below.