M.I.B’s Kangnam discusses his dating life on “Jang Kiha’s Great Radio”

M.I.B’s Kangnam admitted on SBS Power FM’s Jang Kiha’s Great Radio that women will be the ones to ruin his life.

On November 11th, M.I.B’s Kangnam appeared on Jang Kiha’s Great Radio and spoke about his dating life over the radio.

Kangnam was asked which role he plays in a relationship – the leader or the follower. He truthfully responded, “I’m usually the one who has to adjust in the relationship. When I date, it’s for a long period of time, about one to two years. I’m also usually the one who falls in love with the other more.

Kangnam also added, “Whenever I talk with my mother or aunt on the phone, they would always warn me, ‘Be careful of women.’ They had gotten my fortune read and it said that my life would be ruined by women.

When asked about his ideal type, Kangnam responded, “Aside from ideal types, I think idols are all so pretty. When I give my greetings to them, I feel burdened because of their beauty.”

Source: TenAsia