[★VIDEO] MADTOWN announces official fanclub name

On March 18th, MADTOWN uploaded a video to J.Tune Camp’s official YouTube channel to announce their official fan club name just 5 months after debut!

The seven members greeted fans brightly, each showing their appreciation for their dedicated fans. Crazy antics aside, the group demonstrated their excitement for the announcement as they revealed it together!

The official fanclub name is “MADPEOPLE” as a play on the groups name; fans are the people of MADTOWN.

MADTOWN then wrapped up the video by thanking fans for the support and love they received since they began promotions for “New World” following the music video release on March 11th along with their second mini-album Welcome to Madtown

Fans have responded positively, even using the fanclub name in various ways saying, “We’re MADPEOPLE, we’re all mad for MADTOWN.

The up and coming rookie group has garnered a substantial fan base since their debut with “YOLO” last October and it has continued to grow since the release of 2nd mini-album.

Take a look at their cheerful video here: