Malaysian ARMYs Prepared Heartfelt Snack Packs For McDonald’s Staff To Show Their Gratitude

They packed forty small snack bags for McDonalds staff!

With the BTS Meal now officially released in McDonald’s around the world, ARMY and McDonald’s staff have been bracing themselves for the unavoidable rush of fans trying to snag their own BTS Meal.

| @BTS_jp_official/Twitter

One group of Malaysian ARMY was aware of the immense amount of work McDonalds staff must be under during this time, and decided to try and lift their spirits by making snack gift bags.

| @mirah_z/Twitter

They made forty bags in total, filled with various snacks like banana milk and chocolate, and even included cute handmade wishing cards with BTS lyrics.

| @mirah_z/Twitter

This isn’t the first time ARMY have been inspired by each other and banded together to show their gratitude, and it certainly won’t be the last.