Malicious Netizen In His 40s Fined For Comparing Sunmi To A Bar Hostess

The malicious commenter got what he deserved.

A man in his 40s who left a malicious comment about singer Sunmi has been punished with a fine.

Mr. A (48), who was indicted for slander, has been sentenced to a fine of 500,000 won (~$415 USD) by Changwon District Court.

Ahead of the sentencing, Mr. A took to an online community back in December of last year to post a malicious comment about Sunmi.

The comment read, “She looks like a bar hostess.

Ahead of the sentencing, Changwon District Court stated,

Mr. A insulted the victim by sharing a comment that would make her feel humiliated and mortified on a site viewed by many. The comment is vulgar and the nature of the crime is lowly. The victim has not forgiven the defendant, and no effort to alleviate the harm took place.

– Changwon District Court

However, because Mr. A only left one malicious comment, he was given a fine of 500,000 won (~$415 USD).

Since last year, Sunmi’s agency, MAKEUS Entertainment has been taking strong legal action against malicious comments as well as the spread of false rumors.

Here’s hoping the malicious commenters learn their lesson.

Source: Dispatch