Mnet’s 2022 MAMA Awards Faces Backlash From Korean Netizens And News Outlets For Having Its Host Speak Almost Exclusively In English

The award show’s host Jeon Somi hardly spoke any Korean.

Mnet‘s 2022 MAMA Awards is receiving criticism from Korean netizens and Korean news outlets due to having its host, Jeon Somi (also known as Somi), speak almost exclusively in English.

Jeon Somi at the 2022 MAMA Awards |

On November 29, Mnet’s annual MAMA Awards took place. As one of K-Pop’s penultimate award ceremonies, many fans were anticipating the show.

On this day, fans were treated to incredible performances by fast-rising groups such as IVE, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, and Kep1er, as well as shut-down performances by K-Pop’s previous generations’ greats Hyolyn and KARA.

Jeon Somi was the master of ceremonies, as she flawlessly showed off her hosting chops, albeit in English. Mnet’s decision to have Jeon Somi host exclusively in English did not go over well with netizens who noted the singer’s fluent Korean skills. Fans, rightfully, did not blame Jeon Somi, who played no part in making the decision.

Netizens and news outlets alike pointed out the awkwardness of having the host ask questions in English while presenters and award winners alike answered in Korean. Korean netizens were also upset that they would have to rely on subtitles for a Korean Awards Show.

Another point of criticism towards the award show’s choice of language is the fact the award show took place in Japan, in front of a mostly Japanese audience. Netizens also noted that Japanese actress Mio Imada, when presenting, greeted fans in Korean. News outlets stated that the Japanese actress’ efforts to speak Korean were contrasted by the Award Show’s affinity for English.

Mio Imada | Mnet

Netizens expressed their discomfort at the lack of Korean in the K-Pop award show in online communities.

  • “Seriously, LOL. Just (host) it in Korean, please…”
  • “Hosting the show in English while in Japan is the epitome of doing too much, LOL. K-Pop is loved overseas due to its own merits. CJ (Mnet’s parent company) is embarrassing (Korean fans) by being trashy in another country.”
  • “This is a prime example of why MAMA has no roots.”
  • “I agree with the title (of the article). This award show has no roots.”
  • “Even while watching it, I thought they looked pathetic, LOL.”
  • “The title (of the article), LOL. It’s so disgusting to see a company always claiming they are promoting Hallyu speaking English at a Korean Award Show overseas.”
  • “They are seriously doing too much.”
Source: theqoo