MAMAMOO’s Bodyguards Reveal The Real Sweet Personalities Of Hwasa & Solar

Hwasa and Solar proved how sweet they are with these gestures to their bodyguards.

Together, Jeong Seung Min and Yang Tae Il have worked as bodyguards for a combined 39 years in total. Over the years, they’ve guarded some of the biggest artists in K-Pop, from BTS and SEVENTEEN to TWICE, GFRIEND, WJSN, and MAMAMOO. In a new interview with AYO on YouTube, the pair revealed just how sweet Hwasa and Solar are in real life.

One AYO viewer remarked that despite looking like “the most chic person in the world,” Hwasa always gets praised for her “really nice” personality. And, judging by Yang Tae Il’s experience with her, that’s definitely true.


Yang went on to reveal the story of a time he guarded Hwasa. The bodyguard explained that there were lots of tangerines around that day, and Hwasa decided to peel one to eat. Since there were plenty of fruits to go around, there was no need for her to share with anyone else—but she did regardless.

Yang Tae Il | AYO 에이요/YouTube

There were a lot of new unpeeled tangerines,” says Yang, “But after she ate half, she gave me the other half.” While Jeong Seung Min went on to joke that Hwasa gave Yang Tae Il the tangerine because it tasted bad, Yang confessed he was truly “thankful” to Hwasa for such a sweet gesture.

And she’s not the only sweetheart in MAMAMOO; Jeong Seung Min was filled with praise for Solar. “She says hi the most,” he explained, “and smiles a lot.” Whose day wouldn’t be brightened by a smile from Solar?


Jeong says that Solar also gives a lot of food to the staff who work with her, prompting Yang to lament, “She didn’t give me one? Why not me?” Jeong Seung Min joked that he himself must be “Solar’s pick“—a title every MooMoo would love to hold!


Of course, even though the bodyguards didn’t have anecdotes to share about Moonbyul and Wheein, fans know they’re just as kindhearted. The members once revealed that Moonbyul is very considerate and attentive to small details, taking good care of the rest of them.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Wheein | @mo_onbyul/Instagram

Wheein, meanwhile, was once praised for learning sign language so she can communicate with MAMAMOO’s deaf fans.

Source: AYO