MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Celebrates Her Birthday By Giving MooMoos The Best Gift

Hwasa is a generous queen!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa recently celebrated her birthday by giving MooMoos a gift!

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Hwasa opened her own YouTube channel on her birthday and quickly uploaded two videos to it.

Hwasa’s first video was a channel introduction video in which she said she’ll share her daily life with fans on her YouTube channel.

| HWASA official/YouTube

In her introductory video, Hwasa’s shown living her best life on the beach, in a pool, and while playing a recorder.

| HWASA official/YouTube

MooMoos noticed Hwasa’s new YouTube channel is just one example of MAMAMOO’s members giving gifts to fans on their own birthdays.

Hwasa’s next video was “Dingga (draft ver.).” In this video, she dances to an unreleased version of MAMAMOO’s song “Dingga,” and MooMoos quickly fell in love with this alternate version of the song!

Check out Hwasa’s “Dingga (draft ver.)” video below!




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